Every cyclist will remember his first rides and all that comes along with it. A little hesitant about those tight cycling outfit. Unease with the click pedals and the chaos in the peloton full of fanatical cycling rookies. Fortunately we still have the pictures of our early days…

But cyclists adapt quickly. Within a year they all wore a helmet, their slobbery T shirts were replaced by colorful cycling jerseys and they all shaved their legs. After a year of racing across the polder roads they were ready for their first international cycling adventure: a training weekend in the Ardennes in Belgium. It turned out to be the first epic experience….


After that, cycling culture became more and more their own. A logical consequence of this was that they found a clothing sponsor, so they got the look of a real professional cycling team. That’s the power of sport: it appeals to your adaptability and sometimes you end up out of your comfort zone. And then you find out how this will take you further. This insight is indispensable when you are faced with an impossible challenge like climbing the Mauna Kea.

The 16 friends have now fully initiated themselves in all cycling rituals. But whether they are able to really adapt to circumstances despite all their experience is an interesting question. Like last week; some of the guys braved the snow to go mountain-biking at the woods. A cycling discipline that most of them didn’t do before, so it fitted well with the approach to try other things. But this is the result:

Yes indeed: these rookies were mountainbiking in their white cycling suits…After a Vanish overdose and a shower pit full of mud, their suits seems shining white again. Furthermore, it has yielded a lot of new insights: thinking ahead of what you can encounter and respond to.
In retrospect, they might have put on their very first old cycling jersey 🙂

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