The taming of the Aloha hell needs a plan. Meet our strategy: To get on top we have to eliminate three factors: 1: the extraordinary length 2: the infinitely sloping road 3: the unimaginable height 1: To be able to handle the length we ride as many kilometers as possible. 2: To tackle the slope … Continue Reading

Another 10 months to go…. Then we’ll be there in slick cycling outfits on Mauna Kea Access Road on Big Island, Hawai. At the foot of the mythical Mauna Kea climb. Hard to imagine when you consider that it is now more like a lunar landscape shrouded in snow. Are we really going to climb … Continue Reading

New year’s resolutions: usually only empty promises. But we have an appointment with our bike friends on top of the Mauna Kea in 2018. So we can’t put that delicious juicy fresh meatball in our mouth on 6 January. Not even when it’s homemade by the butcher around the corner. No, we have to embrase … Continue Reading

Every cyclist will remember his first rides and all that comes along with it. A little hesitant about those tight cycling outfit. Unease with the click pedals and the chaos in the peloton full of fanatical cycling rookies. Fortunately we still have the pictures of our early days… But cyclists adapt quickly. Within a year … Continue Reading

Meet the Mauna Kea: sleeping vulcano at Hawaï Elevator of the world It is the highest mountain of the world. Measured from the bottom of the ocean it’s 10 kilometers high! From sea level the peak is at 4,205 meters. To reach the summit by road, you need to climb nearly 90 km. Proud of … Continue Reading