Meet the Mauna Kea: sleeping vulcano at Hawaï

Elevator of the world

It is the highest mountain of the world. Measured from the bottom of the ocean it’s 10 kilometers high! From sea level the peak is at 4,205 meters. To reach the summit by road, you need to climb nearly 90 km.

Proud of her heritage

The Mauna Kea is more than a million years old. According to Hawaiian mytholgy, the creation of the earth took place on top of it.
In the meantime

Since her origin a few erruptions occured. But most of the time, the vulcano was sleeping, waiting for some action…


Well, 16 Dutch cyclists are planning to shake things up! With their intention to cycle up the mountain together they want to add a piece of history to the acient sacred mountain.

This means:

  • 89,4 km Distance
  • 5% avarage steeping rate
  • 4.207 m Highest point
  • Parts of unpaved end very steep roads
  • Changing weather conditions
  • At least 8 hours of constant Climbing by an average speed of 10 km ph
  • Limited oxygen uptake
  • Possibility of altitude sickness
  • Only a few cyclists have reached the top..

Sounds like a mission impossible, madness and only suitable for idiotic cycling maniacs. But, hey, Life’s what you make it!

Follow these guys, find out their motives and stay connected to their road to this EPIC climb!

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