Imagine a group of fanatical guys on their bikes. They ride every training as if it was a race. No warming-up, no temporizing and just a little bit of building-up. That is pretty much fun, but too bad of all the potential.

In order to achieve maximum performance, they turned to a professional to train them. But not just anyone. They turned to a triple Olympic participant at the team pursuit in Athens, Beijing and London. He won medals at World and European championships, was repeatedly Dutch champion on the individual chase and won several races on the road.

As a top athlete he helps us to work in a goal-oriented way. In this role, he joined our group. There was a click by sharing the same physical experience. He became one of us by creating stories and memories on the bike.

His name? Levi Heimans!

Are you looking for an experienced trainer who helps you to reach your cycling goals? He’s the one!

Are you preparing for a challenging cycling event? Do you want to boost your cycling experience? Do you want to become a better cyclist?

Levi Heimans is a triple Olympic participant as track cyclist and Master of Science in human movement sciences. With his practical experience and knowledge of physiology, training and performance he guides groups and individuals to optimize training in order to reach your goals and to enjoy cycling even more!

As long as your hair looks good, even if you become a bit bold.”

One of the driving forces behind our adventure in Hawaii are Rogier and Melle. They always wear an imaginary comb in their back pocket. Those with a little knowledge of cycling history, will recognize the story of this symbol.
Cycling history is full of heroic stories and characteristic figures. One of them is Hugo Koblet. He received several nicknames, such as “Le pédaleur the charm”, because of his beautiful appearance. Hugo Koblet even grabbed a comb after right at after the finish of a hard race to reshape his coupe. Now that’s some real dedication to look stylish.
This and many other beautiful cycling stories have inspired Rogier and Melle to pursue their dream, putting cycling history as a lifestyle brand on the market. A year ago this dream became reality and they launched
With heart and soul they design stylish casual clothing for passionated cyclists. Inspired by iconic riders an heroic stories. Stories about races with never ending distances, impossible roads and horribly steep climbs. To do the impossible, raising the spirit above the body. The desire to fight the elements is timeless and recognizable for every cyclist.
For Rogier and Melle of the climb of the Mauna Kea is their way to repeat history.