We love climbing mountains by bike. The nature. The views. The hard physical challenge. The reward of a magnificent feeling once you’ve reached the top. It’s addictive. And because we’re still fairly young and quite fit we can climb any mountain we want. At least that’s what we think… At the moment of writing this … Continue Reading

Aloha i ka Hawaii… We’re here! Thirthy-two trained cycling legs, boarded in Amsterdam to bridge 11,753 kilometers (7300 miles), have arrived on Hawaiian soil. They are the legs of the sixteen Dutch guys who will have an unforgettable cyclingdream. Which starts with a traditionally flower wreath around their neck. Ok, so we arrived in a … Continue Reading

Do you know that sound when you climb a serious mountain? That sound that stays so close to you during the whole climb? As if you can not leave it behind. No matter how hard you try, it seems you can’t shake it off. It accompanies you on your way to the top: The sound of a … Continue Reading

A hot Sunday afternoon in May. Today, the Giro d’Italia arrives in Rome after three ecstatic weeks. This has brought an end to the enjoyment of one of the most exciting cycling spectacles since a long time. But today we skip the final stage. The need to watch the applause for the winner has dropped to … Continue Reading

How many Strava challenges do you participate? There are a lot! Climbing challenges, distance challenges or ride more challenges. Recently, a new Strava worthy challenge is born in a basement somewhere in Amsterdam.. The details of the challenge are defiant: you have to cycle at least 5 hours continuously on an indoor hometrainer. Complete this challenge by … Continue Reading

Warning, this blog contains explicit facts about cycling at altitude which can be expierenced as shocking! Especially when you’re struggling with underestimating. Or suffer from overestimation of your own abilities. We come from a very flat country. How flat is flat? Well, this weekend Rogier and Sander cycled a 160 km round trip in North … Continue Reading

In comparison with almost every other form of sport, a relatively high power has to be delivered with cycling for a long time. And in comparison to other climbs, the Mauna Kea is much longer and higher, so we have to be able to hold that high power even longer. So our training is aimed at providing … Continue Reading